Wonder Girls Perform “Girlfriend” & “Like This” On Inkigayo!!!

10 Jun

The Wonder Girl’s new album has just been released in which they also released their music video for “Like This” around the same time! The video is really upbeat and fun! It makes you wanna dance! If you havent seen the video then check it out below! They have also appeared on the music show “Inkigayo” in which they performed two songs “Girlfriend” and “Like This”. Check it out!

「Like This」っていうミュージックビデオがリリスーされたと同時にThe Wonder Girlsの最新のアルバムが発売された!ビデオが凄くアップビートだし、楽しいし、人を躍らせたいし。ミュージックビデオ見たことはないなら、下の方見てね!それにInkigayoっていう音楽番組に出演して、「Girlfriend」と「Like This」っていう2曲演技した!見てね!どうぞ!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


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