Beenzino 빈지노 “I’ll Be Back” – New Single!!!

1 Jun

If you listen to Korean Hip Hop then I have no doubt that you know who Beenzino is! He always collaborates with Dok2 and The Quiett (Korean rappers); but this time, he will be releasing his debut EP next month!! This is his debut single “I‘ll Be Back” which I expect will be incuded on his new EP! I really like this song and I think it’s extremely catchy! Especially the chorus! Can’t wait until the EP is released!

もし韓国のヒップホップ聞くなら、Beenzinoを知ってるに違いない!BeenzinoDok2The Quiett(韓国のラッパー)と何時もコラボしてるのだけど、今回は来月にデビューのイーピーをリリースするよ!これは「I’ll Be Back」っていうデビューシングルだよ。この曲が新しいイーピーには入るはずだよ!曲が凄く好きで非常にャッチーだと思うわ!特に合唱だ!イーピーが発売されるまで待てないの!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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