MUJI 無印良品 (はいはい, ロンドンにもあるよ! 笑)

22 May
Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

無印良品っていうデパートは何でもかんでも買えるデパートだよ!衣服、文房具、台所アクセサリ、メークアクセサリ。。。そんなものが買えるよ!だからこそ、無印良品が好きだ!それに、値段がやすくも高くもないよ。無印良品知らない人のために、無印良品は日本のブランドだよ!その上、日本では人気だけではなく、ロンドンでも人気があるよ!テームとスタイルがシンプルで趣があるから、人を引き付けるのはこのポイントのことだと思う。双子の弟が無印良品が好きだと知ってる!特にジーンズを買いたいなら!(笑)Carnaby Streetでこの写真が撮られたけど、ロンドンには無印良品がいっぱいあるから、見つけることは難しくないはずでーーーす!今度はもしジーンズか文房具が要ったら、無印良品では買ったらどう???。。。(笑)

The department store “Muji” is a department store where you can anything and everything! Clothes, Stationary, Kitchen accessories, Make-up accessories…you can buy that kind of thing! It is for this reason that I like Muji! In addition, The price isn’t too cheap or too expensive! For the benefit of those who do not know Muji, Muji is a Japanese brand. On top of that, it is not only popular in Japan, but it is also popular in London also! Because the theme and style is simple and elegant, I think it is this point that attracts people! I know that my twin brother likes Muji! Especially if he wants to buy jeans! haha! This picture was taken in Carnaby Street; however, London is full of Muji stores and so I expect that it isn’t difficult to find one! Next time, if you need jeans or stationary, how about buying it from Muji??? lol

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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