W-inds To Release New Album “MOVE LIKE THIS”!!!

10 May

W-indsは7月に最新のアルバムを発売する」って発表された!「Another World」っていうアルバムが発売されてもう2年間ぐらいになるよ!だから、W-indsのファンが新しいアルバムを楽しみにしてるに違いない!限定版を買うか、正規版を買うか選べる!それに、限定版と正規版には「”Addicted to love“, “Let’s get it on“, “Be As One“, “You & I” と“FLY HIGH“」っていう5曲が入るよ。W-indsの音楽に関しては「Rain Is Fallin’」っていう曲が超~~古いけど、初めて聞いたのはこの曲のことだ!「G-Dragon」っていう韓国のラッパーとコラボしたのだ!見てね!どうぞー!

It has been announced that W-inds will release their latest album in July! It will be about 2 years since their album “Another World” has been released! Therefore, I have no doubt that all W-inds fans are looking forward to this new album!!! You can choose whether to buy the limited edition or the regular edition! In addition, both editions will include the five songs “Addicted to love“, “Let’s get it on“, “Be As One“, “You & I” and “FLY HIGH“. In relation to W-inds music, the song “Rain Is Fallin’” is  su—per old song, but it was this song that I heard for the first time! They collaborated with Korean rapper G-Dragon!! Enjoy!

Love Miss, Dezzy xxx

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