New Japanese Intel TV CM – A Dancing Tiger…虎はさ、踊るこつを知ってるよねぇ! 教えてくれよー!!!(笑)

24 Apr



日本のTVCMが大好きだと知ってるのだろう?!これはインテルの最新のTVCMだ!CMが素晴らしく理にかなわないので凄く大好きだ!先ずは、音楽が大好き!次は、CMの背景が大好き!CMの背景は月に置かれてる!背景にはStatue of Libertyと地球が見える!それに、もし一心に見たら、Statue of Libertyの顔は虎に似てる!最後に、虎と虎のダンスが大好-き!虎が踊れるよね!虎が踊り出した時に、私はずっと笑ってた!虎が素晴らしいね!虎に踊り方を教えて欲しい!教えてくれよー!ライブもあるのだけど!ライブ見たいなら、ほかのビデオを見てね!それと、双子もこのCMを見た!CMが終わった時に、二人は一斉に「えーーー?やーばい!」って言ってた!(笑)日本のTVCMが大好きなのだ!(笑)歌詞に関しては、英語に訳してあげたわぁ!

Okay, so u know I love Japanese TV commercials right?! Well here is Intel’s latest Japanese commercial! I LOVE the advert because It’s crazy and doesn’t make any sense! haha! First of all I love the music! Next, I love the setting of the CM. The setting is the moon and in the background, there is a statue of liberty and you can also see the Earth! Also, if you look closely the statue of liberty’s face resembles that of a tiger! Finally, I love the tiger and I love his dance! The tiger can really dance and when he broke into a dance, I was laughing endlessly! The tiger is brilliant and I want him to teach me how to dance!!! haha! There is also a live performance! If you wanna watch the live performance then watch the other video! Ah, my twin also watched the CM! When it finished we both said at the same time “Whaaaaaaat? Amazing!” LOL! I love Japanese CM’s! haha! :)

Also, as for the lyrics, I will translate for you!!! The guy is basically singing “Ultrabook, the next situation is going to begin! The advanced Ultrabook! Intel!” When the Ultrabook flies on screen, this is what it says in English “The Ultrabooks time has come!”

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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