Easy Japanezy!!! Verb + Beki! 易しい日本語!!! 動詞+べき!

12 Apr


皆さん、皆で優しい日本語を勉強しましょう!このビデオを見るだけで「べき」っていうサフィックスの使い方が理解できる!ビデオを作った時に、私は超~~~疲れたのだ!ごめんなさいね!!! (笑)私が超~~~疲れたことに気づかなかっただろう???(大笑)

Everyone!!! Let’s study easy Japanese together!!! Just buy watching this video, you can understand how to use the suffix [Beki] When I made this video I was super tired so sorry about that!!! LOL!!! You didn’t notice that I was super tired…right??? LOL

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


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