Miho Fukuhara 福原 美穂 To Collaborate With Miura Daichi 三浦大知!!!

11 Apr

Miho Fukuhara 福原 美穂 is to collaborate with Miura Daichi 三浦大知!!! There are many Japanese artists who I like but I especially love Miura Daichi!! He is my secret love!! LOL! Both of their vocals are really powerful so when they sing together, I have no doubt that a great sound will escape!! lol! The song is called “Dream On” and it scheduled to be released on May 16th!!! Can’t wait to hear it!!!

福原 美穂三浦大知とコラボするのだ!好きな日本人のアーティストが多いけど、特に三浦大知が大好きなのだ!彼は私の秘密の恋!冗談だよ!(大笑)二人ともの歌声が強力だから、一緒に歌う時は、素晴らしい音が零れるに違いない!(笑)曲名は「Dream On」だよ。5月16日に発売される予定がありま~す!聞くまで待てないの!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

One Response to “Miho Fukuhara 福原 美穂 To Collaborate With Miura Daichi 三浦大知!!!”

  1. Cherish April 11, 2012 at 7:22 pm #

    I can’t believe this is the preview….but I do have an odd feeling that the song is going to be incredible! I was actually going to fight back and say that Muira Daichi is also MY secret love. But I’ll stick with GD. Miura’s yours! LOL! This is so exciting I think I’ll be repeating this song endlessly once the video has been released!

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