Kazunari Ninomiya 二宮 和也 – New Pocky Commercial!!! 面白~!!!

11 Apr

もしを知ってたら、二宮 和也も知ってるに違いない!もしかしたら、を知らないなら、は大人気の日本のバンドだよ!二宮 和也はこのグループに所属してるよ!これは二宮 和也の最新の広告だよ!広告は短いけど、結構面白いよ!「U Can’t Touch This」っていう曲が使われるのが好きだ!でも、特に雪男みたいなモンスターが好きだ!(笑)雪男達は踊るこつ知ってるね!(笑)日本の広告の大半を見る時は、「え???」っていう風に表情が自分の顔に残ってる!(大笑)見てね~!どうぞ!:)

Now, If you know who Arashi are, then I have no doubt that you will also know who Kazunari Ninomiya is!!! If by any chance you don’t know who Arashi are, they are a massively popular Japanese band and Kazunari Ninomiya belongs to this group! Here is his new Pocky commercial! This ad is short but it’s quite funny! I like how MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” song has been used, but I especially like the monsters which look like yeti’s!!! LOL! The yeti’s know the art of dance!! haha! When I watch most Japanese commercials, an expression remains on my face as if to say “Eh???” LOL! Watch the commercial ne! 🙂

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

One Response to “Kazunari Ninomiya 二宮 和也 – New Pocky Commercial!!! 面白~!!!”

  1. Cherish April 11, 2012 at 7:15 pm #

    This is very good and incredibly funny. I love Japan for their weird and wonderful ads. It always makes me smile. I’m quite familiar with Arashi, I’ve listened to some of their songs and their not so bad. I love the appearance of the monsters that was funny. I laughed at that

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