Immortal Song II – Performances (07.04.12)

8 Apr

Immortal Song II」っていう韓国の番組は人気の番組だよ。 モダンな歌手は皆に不朽だと思われてるソングを歌う!この番組が毎週の土曜放送される!この番組が大好き!特にAliは番組に屡出演するから!これは最新のエピソードだ!これがJay ParkAliのパフォーマンスだよ!Jay Parkのパフォーマンスが楽しかった!! そして、Aliが大好きで、歌声が素晴らしかった!相変わらず!見てね!どうぞ!

Immortal Song II, is a Korean music show in which modern singers sing songs which have been regarded by everyone as immortal/everlasting! This programme is broadcasted every Saturday!! I love this programme! Especially because Ali frequently appears!!! haha! This is the latest episode! Here is Ali and Jay Park’s performance! I love Ali and her voice sounds wonderful as always!!! Jay Parks performance was entertaining! Enjoy!!!

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx m(_ _)m


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