Minna No Nihongo!!! みんなの日本語!!! (Elementary 初級)

4 Apr
Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

世界中に日本語を勉強してる人達がいたら、この情報は貴方方向けで~す!(笑)。じゃぁ、「この教科書は何?そして、何で全て日本語?」って頭の中で言ってたら、私が答えま~す!(^_-)- 先ず、この教科書はね、基本的に、日本語の教科書だよ!初心者には全員役に立つ!初心者だけ初心者!だからこそ、日本語力に関しては、もし中級か上級だったら、この教科書が役に立たない!(>.<) 中級と上級の人達に役に立たな~い!!後で中級と上級の教科書についてレポートを書くわぁ!後でね後で!(*^_^*)

If there are people throughout the world who are studying Japanese, then this information is directed at youuu!!! lol! So, if you are saying in your head “What is this textbook? Why is it all in Japanese?”, then I will answer youuu!!! (^_-)- First of all, this textbook is basically a Japanese language book! It is useful for all beginners! Only beginners! It is for this reason that in relation to your Japanese language ability, if you are intermediate or advanced, then this textbook will not be useful! (>.<) It will not be useful for intermediate and advanced people! I will write a report on intermediate and advanced textbooks later! Later ne! (*^_^*)

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu


There are a lot of activities included in this textbook! As you can see, simple and descriptive illustrations accompany all activities! This is why I think it becomes enjoyable to read! Apart from this, the activities test your Japanese language ability! For example, there is the need to insert the appropriate word or expression into a sentence! Also, Japanese language dialogues are also included!!! Therefore, you can practice reading out aloud in Japanese! With a partner! Just by using this textbook, you can write and read in Japanese! I think you will find that your Japanese will improve! (@o@)

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

次は、何で全て日本語?まぁ、これは黄色いみんなの日本語の相手だよ!黄色い教科書は全て英語で、赤い教科書は全て日本語だ。「もし黄色い教科書についてレポートを読みたかったら、自分のサイトで探してね!」赤い教科書を使うことでできるアクティビティー以外、もしこの教科書を黄色い教科書と一緒に使ったら、メリットが上がるよ!例えばは、黄色い教科書にある文章を日本語に訳すために、赤い教科書がチェックできる!(^ u ^) 🙂

Next, why is it all in Japanese?? Well, this is the partner of the yellow Minna no Nihongo! The yellow textbook is all in English, and the red textbook is all in Japanese! (If you would like to read the report about the yellow textbook then please search amongst my site!) Apart from the activities which you can do by using the red textbook, if you use this textbook together with the yellow textbook, the advantages are going to increase!!! For example, in order to translate sentences into Japanese which are in the yellow textbook, you can check the red textbook!!! 🙂

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx  m(_ _)m

Where to buy  – Japan Centre, London

Price – £22.95 (Could have changed)

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  1. Tati April 22, 2012 at 11:49 am #

    Hey, thanks for your report on this!

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