Kitsune Soba きつね蕎麦!!! 甘~!!! 甘~!!! 甘~!!!

1 Apr
Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

これがきつね蕎麦だぁぁぁ!!!美味しそうでしょう?これ美味しいよ!これ!友達は一度も日本料理を食べたことはないから、このレストランに友達を紹介してあげた!この所について記事をもう書いたけど、みさとの批評 – パート1 又行ったので、別の記事を書こうかなぁ。。。と思ってた!じゃぁ、これは私のレポートだよ!今回はきつね蕎麦を食べた!ずっと笑顔を見せて食べた!(笑)汁もよかったし、軽かったし、そしてね、塩辛くなかったと思ったわ!次は、蕎麦だ!蕎麦はさ、蕎麦の量が十分だったと思ったさ!大き過ぎも小さ過ぎもしなかった!感触も丁度よかった!トッピングは油揚げだった!基本的に、油揚げは豆腐だよ!これも美味しかったよ!頭の中で「甘~甘~!」って言ってばかりいたよ!「甘い」じゃなくて、「甘~!」だねぇ!(笑)美味し過ぎたのだ!きつね蕎麦の海洋で泳いでたみたいだ!(大笑)。因みに、きつねは英語でFoxだよ。神話によると、きつは油揚げが好きだから、我々はこの食べ物を「きつね蕎麦」と呼ぶよ!英語でFox Sobaだ!!!

This is Kitsune Soba!!! It looks delicious right?! Well, this is delicious! lol! My friend has never eaten Japanese cuisine before and so because of this,  I introduced my friend to this restaurant! I already wrote an article about this place, Misato Review (Part 1) but because I went again, I was thinking “I wonder if I should write another article???” So, here is my report! This time, I ate Kitsune Soba! I ate it while all the time, showing a smiling face! lol The broth was good, it was light and I thought it wasn’t salty! Next, the soba! You know, I thought the quantity of the soba was enough! It wasn’t too big, neither was it too small! The texture was just right! The topping was Aburaage! Basically, Aburaage is deep-fried tofu! This was also delicious! Inside of my head all I was saying was “This is tasty!!!” It was too delicious! It was like I was swimming in a Kitsune ramen ocean!!! LOL! By the way, Kitsune in English means “Fox”. According to the legend, because foxes like deep-fried tofu, we call this “Kitsune Soba” In English this is “Fox Soba“.

Location (位置) – Misato, 11 Wardour Street, London

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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