Pixie Lott – Collaboration with G-Dragon & TOP!!!

22 Mar

Pixie Lott」っていうイギリス人のアーティストはGD & TOPとコラボした!「Young Foolish Happy」っていう最新のアルバムのために!ユニークなコラボだねぇ!然しね、日本では発売してるこのバージョンにはしか曲が入ってない!残念だねぇ!兎に角、この曲楽しんで!3月21日に日本ではアルバムが発売された!曲名は「Dancing On My Own」だよ!それに、もしPixie Lott知らないなら、これはPixie Lottのデビューのシングルだよ!曲名は「Mama Do」だよ。:)

British artist “Pixie Lott” has collaborated with Korean artists GD & TOP for her latest album “Young Foolish Happy!” What a unique collaboration!! However, the single is not included on any other version but the one which is on sale in Japan! That’s a shame! However, enjoy the song ne!! The album was released in Japan on March 21st! The song is called “Dancing On My Own” In addition, if you don’t know who Pixie Lott is, here is her debut song “Mama Do” Enjoy! 🙂

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx


One Response to “Pixie Lott – Collaboration with G-Dragon & TOP!!!”

  1. Cherish April 11, 2012 at 9:25 pm #

    As much as I like Pixie Lott and adore GD and TOP, I didn’t like the song. I was iffy about saying this but I felt that the song was too repetitive. I assumed that there was going to be a second verse but there wasn’t and although it was great to hear GD and TOP rap in English, I assumed that they would be rapping in Japanese. Plus I thought that the song would have been more k-pop or j-pop. If they collaborate again I feel it would need to be much better than this one.

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