Koda Kumi 倖田來未 – Looks Healthy on Hoshino Aki’s Blog!!!

19 Mar

As we all know, Koda Kumi is a pregnant lady!!! 🙂 If you go to Hoshino Aki’s blog, you can see that Koda Kumi is looking healthy!!! Koda Kumi attended a “Mama’s Party” with other pregnant lady’s “Kanda Uno, Hoshino Aki and Nakanishi Mona” Kanda wrote that she visited Koda Kumi’s house and had a fun lunch with both her and Kenji03!!! I’m glad that Koda Kumi is doing well!!! 🙂

この事実はもう知ってるけど、倖田來未は妊婦だよ~!もしほしのあきのブログに行ったら、ほしのあきのブログで倖田來未が元気そうに見える!倖田來未はほかの妊婦達と「ママ会」に出席した!妊婦達は「かんだうの, ほしのあきとなかにしもな」だよ。かんだが「倖田來未の家を訪ね、倖田來未Kenji03とランチし、楽しい時間過ごした!!」って書いた!倖田來未が元気でよかったなぁ~!

Hoshino Aki (In Japanese Only)

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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