EX8ER – Chapter 8 ‘1st Mixtape’

3 Mar

EX8ER, I think is a new Korean rapper…Now, I am familiar with Korean rappers. This is a fact. It is for this reason that the fact that I don’t know who this rapper is means that he must be a new face! LOL! Anyway, this is his new mixtape! There are a few tracks which I was listening to but I will listen to all of the album later! I wonder if he will collaborate with other rappers such as Dok2, Moon Swings, Crucial Star etc…

EX8ER」っていう韓国人のラッパーが新人だと思うよ。。。韓国人のラッパーに明るいよ。これが事実だ!だからこそ、このラッパー知らないということは彼が新人だねぇ!(笑) 兎に角、これは彼の新しいミックステープだよ。私が聴いてたトラックが少ないけど、後で全てのアルバムを聞く!彼が「Dok2, Moon Swings, Crucial Star」っていう韓国人のラッパーとコラボするかなぁ。。。

Love, Miss Dezzy xxx

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