“Calling You きみにしか聞こえない” – Japanese Light Novel ラノべ!!!

3 Mar

I have many Japanese novels which I have to read! For now they are sleeping on my bookshelf, but when it’s reading time I am going to disturb their sleep! lol! Okay, so the light novel “Kimi Ni Shika Kikoenai” is the light novel which I have just finished reading! This light novel was written by Japanese author “Otsuichi“. Otsuichi writes novels based on the genres of horror and the supernatural! I really like his work!!! I also really like this short story!!!


Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu


So, what is the story about??? Well, if you intend to read it, I don’t want to spoil it so I will only speak for a little while! This story is a story based on the workings of the mind of a high school student named “Ryo”. Ryo has often been misunderstood by people and so she avoided interaction with them. Analysing her class mates, she noticed that all of them have mobile phones and so she felt that she too wants to buy a phone. However, because she doesn’t have any friends, she created an imaginary phone inside of her head. The phone suddenly rings, she answers it, and is surprised when she can hear a voice on the other end of the phone. A male voice. His name is Shinya. With the intention of making more friends who are like Shinya, she attempts phoning different people and becomes acquainted with a girl named Yumi. Even though Ryo doesn’t know it, she has a deep connection with both Yumi and Shinya…

この話の筋書きは何???もしこれを読むつもりだったら、台無しにしたくないので、しばらくだけ話します!この話は「りょ」っていう高校生の頭の働きに基づいた話だ。りょ は人達に誤解されることがあったので、人達と対応するのを避けた。クラスメイト解析し、全員が携帯電話を持ってることに気づいた。だからこそ、彼女も携帯電 話買いたいような気がした。しかし、フレンズはいないから、りょは頭の中で空想的な電話を創造した。急に電話が鳴り、電話に出て、電話の向こうで声が聞こえて 吃驚した!男の声が聞こえた。彼の名前は「しんや」だ。しんやみたいのフレンズをもっと作るつもりで違う人達に電話を掛けようとして、「ゆみ」っていう女の子と知り合った。りょが知らないのに、ゆみとしんやと深い繋がりがある。。。

So that I don’t spoil it, I cannot speak about this novel anymore! This light novel is the Japanese version, but I did hear that there is an English language version. However, if you can read Japanese, then read this version! 🙂


Love, Miss Dezzy x

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