Miss A 미쓰에이 – New MV – “Touch”

22 Feb

Here is Miss A‘s new single “Touch” from their mini album “Touch.” Now I personally like “Miss A” and I like all of their music especially this song. There are times when I thought to myself “The lyrics are a little repetitive” However, the song is really good and the beat is spooky!!! I also love the dance moves and the video is nice! Go Miss A!!! 🙂

これはMiss Aの最新の曲だ。「Touch」っていう曲が最新のアルバムには入ってる。Miss Aが好きだよ!全ての曲が好きや!特にこの曲!頭の中で「歌詞がワンパターンやねぇ。。。」と思うことがあったけど、この曲が素晴らしいし、ビートが薄気味の悪いね!!ダンスが大好きでビデオも素敵やなぁ!

Love, Miss Dezzy x

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