Hi Chew ハイチュウ – Grape & Apple グレープ&りんご!!!

22 Feb
Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu


Sweet time!! This is a sweet report!!! I wrote a report about Hi Chew some time before but because I really love this sweet I was thinking that I want to write another report!!! Hi Chew is an extremely popular Japanese sweet! You already knew this kind of thing right?? This sweet is not only popular in Japan, but it is also popular overseas! If there are people who have an interest in Japanese culture, then I have no doubt that you know about this sweet! This is my own personal opinion, but if there are times when I feel like I want to eat Japanese sweets, then it is Hi Chew that I eat! Just as I wrote previously, Hi Chew is like the perfect sweet! You eat it and the taste floods in your mouth and it’s like it suddenly explodes! lol The texture is soft, and it is not too sweet! There are a lot of good points! Moreover, in relation to the Hi Chew which you can see, there is a taste like apple and grape!! It is that which I like!!! It is for this reason that if you want to eat Japanese sweets, eat Hi Chew!!! lol 🙂

Love, Miss Dezzy x

2 Responses to “Hi Chew ハイチュウ – Grape & Apple グレープ&りんご!!!”

  1. Cherish February 22, 2012 at 1:56 pm #

    Hi Chew is awesome. So far I’ve tasted the blackcurrent and the strawberry one. It certainly explodes in your mouth and I felt very satisfied after eating a pack.

    • missdezzy February 22, 2012 at 2:14 pm #

      I KNOW RIGHT!! I love Hi Chew!!! LOOL!!! Yeah there are so many more flavours but it seems as if they only sell the strawberry, grape and apple ones in london….Hmmm Im gonna hunt out others!! lol xxx 🙂

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