Meisa Kuroki 黒木 メイサ – Cancels New Album Release Event & More!!!

13 Feb

黒木 メイサはいろいろな番組とイベントに出演する予定があったけど、Jin Akanishiと結婚してる黒木 メイサはスケジュールされた予定をキャンセルしたのだ!「MEISA SPECIAL PARTY ‘UNLOCKED」っていうイベントが取りやめられたって発表された時に、ファンががっかりした。黒木 メイサのOfficial Homepageによると、理由は「体の調子」だ。

Meisa Kuroki had plans to make appearances in various programmes and events, however Meisa Kuroki (who is married to Jin Akanishi) cancelled her plans which had been scheduled!!! When it had been announced that the event “MEISA SPECIAL PARTY ‘UNLOCKED‘” had been called off, fans were disappointed. According to Meisa Kuroki’s home page, the reason is due to her “Body’s condition”.

Love, Miss Dezzy x

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