Jay Park 박재범 – New MV – “Know Your Name”

10 Feb

Jay Park」っていう韓国人ーアメリカ人の歌手とラッパーは最新のビデオが封切らせた。このビデオが凄く好きで曲も好きだよ。ビデオが活気に溢れると思うから、好きなのはこれだ!それに、ダンスも素晴らしいね~!しかしね、私が間違ってるかもしれないけどさ、ビデオを見ると[My Love]っていうJustin Timberlakeのビデオが思い浮かぶよョ~!ただ頭に思い浮かんだだけだ~!笑。

Korean-American singer and rapper Jay Park has released his latest video “Know Your Name“. I really do like the video and the song! I think the video overflows with energy and it is this which I like! Plus the dancing is great! However, I may be wrong, but when I watch this video, Justin Timberlake’s video “My Love” comes to mind…It simply just popped into my head!!! lol

Love, Miss Dezzy x

2 Responses to “Jay Park 박재범 – New MV – “Know Your Name””

  1. Cherish February 10, 2012 at 9:09 pm #

    Jay Park’s album cover scared me at first. I was browsing on yesasia.com when I saw it and it made me shiver.LOOOL! Seeing it again here, it’s OK, though it’s a bit eerie. It’s good that he’s back with a new album. It was quite exciting to see him perform on music shows. It’s going to be incredible seeing him dance again. He’s awesome in a suit too! Great song too!

    • missdezzy February 11, 2012 at 2:44 pm #

      Haha! It scared you!! Omoshiroi!! haha! Yeah Its good that hes back with a new album! I really liked his song “Demon” but I don’t think that it got much air play cause it may only have been a digital single! Yeah he’s a great dancer and the song is good! xxx

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