Who Wants To Buy Cute Japanese Goods? 私が私が!

6 Feb
Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu


When I discovered a store which sells cute things, I said inside of my head “In order to find more stores where I can buy cute things, I wonder if I should explore this arcade…” I eventually decided and transformed into an explorer! 🙂 I then dashed through the arcade in the pursuit of cute things! lol

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

店に入った時に、製品の可愛さは自分の心を突き通してたみたいだ!ちょっと劇的だよね。。。まぁ。。。いいじゃん!笑。ここでは可愛いものがいっぱい買える!バックとか、通学鞄とか、腕時計とか、ジュエリーとか、キーホルダーとか。。。いろいろ買えるから、全て書き出せないのよ!笑!見ての通り、トトロの製品も買える!すーーーべての製品を見た時に、素晴らしい光景に呆然としてたよ!夢中だった!笑!あぁ、そうだ!「Tell The Time In Style!!!」っていう記事覚えてくれる??あの物凄く格好いい腕時計はね、この店で買ったさ~!兎に角、行って行って!「Trocadero」っていうアーケードを通り抜け、この店を見損なうわけがない!:)

When I entered this store, it was like the cuteness had penetrated my heart! LOL Okay, that’s a little dramatic right?…Well…It doesn’t matter!! Haha!! You can buy a lot at this place! Bags, school bags, watches, jewelry, key rings…because you can buy a lot, I cannot list them all! As you can see, you can also buy Totoro products! When I saw all the products, I stood aghast at the wonderful sight!!! I was in a daze!!! Ah, do you remember my article “Tell The Time In Style“?? You know, I bought that earth-shatteringly cool watch from here!! Anyway, please go there!!! Pass through “Trocadero” arcade, and it is impossible to miss this store!!!

Location「位置」 – Trocadero, Piccadilly Circus, London.

Love, Miss Dezzy x

2 Responses to “Who Wants To Buy Cute Japanese Goods? 私が私が!”

  1. Cherish February 8, 2012 at 9:06 pm #

    From looking at these photos I assumed that the shop was in Japan. But London, this is very surprising. I must do some shopping here when I get the chance. I’m particularly interested in the Totoro merchandise. I wonder if they have Totoro money boxes? I absolutely ADORE the movie.

    • missdezzy February 10, 2012 at 1:21 pm #

      Yeah I know right??? Most people think that places like this don’t exist in London but they really do!!! haha!!! Yeah everyone loves Totoro! That’s why when I saw it i was like *Gasps* Plus, this shop is not too expensive either! I think a bag (depending on size, but let’s say medium) is about £15 so that’s not bad at all. Around the average price for a bag! So check it out sometime!!! Hmm…I don’t think they had Totoro money boxes…But they are always updating their goods!!! xxx

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