Avril Lavigne On Music Station Japan!!!

6 Feb

Avril Lavigneは「Music Station」っていう音楽の番組に出演した!先ずは、演者はAvril Lavigneにいろいろ質問したけど、Avril Lavigneは日本語は話せないのだから、訳者はAvril Lavigneと同時に話しはじめた!Avril Lavigneはちょっと疲れてたかもしれないけどさ、彼女がだるい声で答えたと思ったけど。。。活気は何処???何処何処???ぴちぴちに話せよ~!ねぇぇぇ!!!笑笑。兎に角、其れから、「Smile」っていう曲を演じた!実はさ、この曲が好きだ!笑!見てね~!

Avril Lavigne appeared on music program “Music Station“. First of all, the presenters asked her various questions but because she cannot speak Japanese, the translator started speaking at the same time as she did. You know, maybe Avril was a little tired but I thought that she answered with a dull voice! Where’s the energy??? Where where??? Speak lively or spunky!!! LOL. Anyway, after that, she performed her song “Smile” As a matter of fact, I do like this song! Please watch!!! 🙂

Love, Miss Dezzy x


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