YOHIO – Swedish Boy To Make Visual Kei Debut In Japan!!!

1 Feb

It has just been confirmed that 16 Year old Swedish boy “YOHIO” will make his Japan debut this April with his album “Reach The Sky“. He already plays in a Swedish band called “Seremedy“. It has been said that he is set to amaze people with his Japanese and guitar skills so I look forward to hearing how he sounds in Japanese! When I saw this picture, I genuinely thought he was a girl! He has a pretty face right? LOL. Here is a vid of him and his group! They weren’t speaking in Japanese so I cannot translate for you! Sorry! 🙂

[YOHIO」っていう16歳の男の子は日本でデビューすると発表されたのだ!そして、2012年4月に「Reach The Sky」っていうアルバムが発売する!彼は「Seremedy」っていうバンドに入ってる。「彼が日本語が話せ、ギターが弾けるなど」と言われるので、彼の日本語の歌声を聞くのを楽しみにしてる!この写真を見た時に、彼の性別が女だと本質的に思ったのだ!~!彼を女と混同してしまった!!私が間違えちゃった~!彼の顔がとっても可愛いね~!彼らは日本語で話してなかったので、翻訳してあげられないわ~!ごめん!

Love, Miss Dezzy x

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