SNSD 소시 Perform “The Boys” On USA Show “The David Letterman Show”

1 Feb

SNSDは「The David Letterman Show」っていう番組に出演し、「The Boys」っていう曲を演じたのだ!こんな宣伝はいいことだね!大人気の番組に出演しだけで、アメリカでは評判になるかも!韓国で「The Boys」っていうアルバムが売れた!今はアメリカでも売れればいいなあ~!しかしね、アメリカの視聴者がこんな巨大なバンドを見ることに慣れてないに違いない!笑!然も、Davidの韓国語の発音が悪くなかったね!私ね、韓国語を勉強しなきゃいけないのよ!

SNSD were lucky enough to appear on hit USA talk show “The David Letterman Show” which is great exposure for them!!! Just by performing on this show, they are probably going to make a name for themselves in America! Their album, “The Boys” has already done very well in Korea and so hopefully their album does very well in the USA too!!! However, I bet the American audience aren’t used to seeing so many people in one group!! LOL! Also, David’s Korean pronunciation wasn’t bad right?! I gotta study Korean!!! Haha!

Love, Miss Dezzy x

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