SHIORIの花嫁レシピ – Japanese Recipe Book!!!

1 Feb
Copyright © Japaneze Jusu 2012

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

綺麗な日本人の友達が日本からこの本を送ってくれたのだ!(春香、大好きなのだ!笑)この本を使ったことでいろいろ作れるよ~!今は何か美味しいものを作る時間はないけどさ、もうすぐ何か美味しいものを作ろうとするつもりなの!絶対作るぞ~!だから、完璧な和食を見るのを楽しみにしてね~!この本はSHIORIによって書かれてる。友達に「彼女は今日本の女性に大人気があるよ。この本ね、彼に何か美味しいものが作りたい女性向けだ」って言われた。 じゃ、日本人の彼を見つけなきゃいけないよ~!笑笑~!

My beautiful friend sent me this book from Japan!! 🙂 (Love you Haruka!!! LOL) By using this book, I can make various things!!! I haven’t had the time to make anything yet, but I will make something soon!!! Therefore, please look forward to seeing the perfect Japanese style meal!!! Haha! This book is written by SHIORI which my friend told me is really popular amongst females in Japan! She told me that it’s aimed at girls who want to make something delicious for their boyfriends! LOL 🙂 I gotta find a Japanese boyfriend!!! LOL

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu


All recipes in this book look delicious, the presentation is beautiful and it is explained easily! However, this book has been written entirely in Japanese!! Whether an English language version exists I do not know, but if you can read Japanese, buy this book! haha! 🙂

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Love, Miss Dezzy x

4 Responses to “SHIORIの花嫁レシピ – Japanese Recipe Book!!!”

  1. Anonymous February 11, 2012 at 4:42 am #

    I was reading through this site and I believe this website has got some really wonderful stuff on it!

  2. Cherish February 1, 2012 at 5:42 pm #

    That looks like a pretty interesting book. I’ll look forward to the recipes that you’ll make from this book………. \ (^o^) / The presentation looks good also.

    • missdezzy February 1, 2012 at 6:23 pm #

      HAHA! Yeah the book is really interesting!! There’s this tofu dish that looks really nice so I’m thinking of making that! Hmmm…haven’t decided yet! Yeah the presentation is nice and easy to follow! Pics are nice too which is always a bonus!! (^o^) However, yes, please look forward to seeing what I end up making!!! Stay tuned! haha! xxx 🙂

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