Ali 알리 – New Album “Immortal (Remake)”

29 Jan

韓国の歌手となると、一番好きな歌手の最新のアルバムが発売された~!Aliは韓国では著名なアーティストだが、Aliが大人気にならなきゃいけないのよ!!! 韓国と外界で大人気にならないなら、こんな事を受け取ることに梃子摺ってくる!!笑!歌声が素晴らしいよ~!息を呑むほど~!笑!このビデオに関してはAliは「Nasty Man」っていう曲を演じた。アルバムはこの曲を含む。しかしね、もしアルバムが「Red Dragonfly」っていう曲を含んだら、完璧なアルバムになるみたいだ~!その曲が好きだから!笑。 ライブ見てね~!Aliが大好き~!笑。

When it comes to Korean singers, one of my favourites is Ali! Her latest album has been released!! Ali is well-known in Korea but she’s gotta become more popular! If she doesn’t become hugely popular in Korea and overseas then I’m going to have a hard time accepting this kind of thing! LOL Her voice is wonderful! Breathtaking! haha! In relation to this video, Ali is performing her song “Nasty Man” which is included on the album. However, if the album included the song “Red Dragonfly” then it would be like the perfect album (Cause I like the song!) Watch the live performance! I love Ali!! LOL

Love, Miss Dezzy x


Ali – “Red Dragonfly” (The original singer of the song is Cho Yong-Pil)

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