Jin Akanishi 赤西 仁 – New MV “Sun Burns Down”

26 Jan

赤西 仁は海外で段々人気になってるよ!特にアメリカで!これは彼が英語で歌ってた最新の曲だ!実はさ、彼の英語がめちゃ上手だよね~!英語頑張れ~!笑。彼の英語の歌声がいいね~!その上、彼の顔が可愛いじゃないか?笑。可愛~~いね!北米では「Japonicana」っていうツアーを見に行くために、ウェブサイトでチケットが買えるよ。あのね、ロンドンではツアーをしたほうがいいと思うわ~!何でロンドンに来てくれないのよ!皆が待ってるから~!笑。

Jin Akanishi is gradually becoming popular overseas! Especially in the USA! This is his newest single in which he sings in English!!! His English is actually really really good! Keep it up!! lol His English language singing voice is good and on top of that, isn’t his face cute??? LOL! Cute!!! In order to go and see his tour called “Japonicana” in North America, you can buy tickets on his official website!!! You know, you should really have a tour in London, England! Everyone is waiting!!! haha!

Love, Miss Dezzy x

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