2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Concert – Performances!!!

23 Jan

In wishing Korea success for being chosen to host the winter olympics, this special concert was held!!! Various well-known groups performed such as SNSD, CN BLUE, 2NE1, 4MINUTE and much more! Check out a few of the performances below! I think all the performances were good and the crowd seemed to be in high spirits!! haha! I liked the performances but I think I liked Miss A and CN BLUE‘s the best (because I like the songs! lol) What do you all think? 🙂 Ah, Plus, I LOVE Brown Eyed Girls outfits! I especially love those sparkly boots! I want a pair! lol

全てのパフォーマンスがよかったと思う!群衆が張り切ってるらしかったね!私ね、全てのパフォーマンスが好きだったけど、Miss ACN BLUEのパフォーマンスが一番好きだったと思う!曲が好きだから!笑。皆、どう思うのか?:) ああ、それと、Brown Eyed Girlsの衣装が大好きだ!特にそのぴかぴか光るブーツが凄く大好きだ!きらきら~!欲しいなあ~!笑。


Love, Miss Dezzy x

4minute – “Mirror Mirror”

Miss A – “Goodbye Baby”

CN BLUE – “Intuition”

Brown Eyed Girls – “Sixth Sense”

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