Tokyo Trip – Tokyo Trains 東京の電車

14 Jan
Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

Copyright © 2012 Japaneze Jusu

東京の電車が速く、頼もしく、便利だということなんだろう??これが噂じゃないよ!!日本に行く前に、こんなことが本当かどうか思ってたけど、電車に乗ってはじめて東京の電車が速く、頼もしく、便利なことに気づいたよ!東京の電車が、広かったし、綺麗だったし、席も多かったし。。。ああ、それと、エアコンがあったのだ!「どうしてこんなに細かいことでわくわくしてるよ?」って思ってるかもしれないけど、日本に行ったのは夏のことだから、エアコンが助けてくれたのだ!あの時には、日本が超~~~蒸し暑かったから、私が溶けてると強く思ってた!!!だから、電車にいるのは好きだった~!エアコンさん。。。本当にありがとうございました!!ライブセーバーだったよ~!兎に角ね、これ以外、電車の天井にぶら下がってた広告が多かった!!実はさ、この写真に関しては、広告を見た時に、嵐について広告しか見えなかったみたいだ。。。どこに見てもただ嵐について広告が見えただけだよ!面白いと思ってたのはこれだ. 嵐を知らないなら、彼らは日本のグループだよ。日本の青春に大人気がある!!電車の席に座る間に、違う広告を認めることができると同時に見つめることができるよ!

It has been said that Tokyo’s trains are fast, reliable and convenient right?? Well this isn’t a rumour or hearsay!!! Before I went to Japan, I was thinking about whether or not this story is true but it wasn’t until I embarked on Tokyo’s trains that I realised that they are in fact fast, reliable and convenient! ! Tokyo’s trains are spacious, clean and there are a lot of seats! Ah, there was also air conditioning!! You’re probably wondering as to why I am excited over this kind of small thing but because it was summer when I went to Japan, the air conditioning saved me!!! lol At that time, because Tokyo was super hot and humid, I strongly thought that I was melting!!! That is why I liked being on the trains! haha! Air conditioning…thank you!!! haha! You were like a life saver! haha! Anyway, there were a lot of adverts suspended from the trains ceilings. Actually, in relation to this picture, when I looked at the ads, it was like I couldn’t see anything but advertisements about Arashi!! No matter where I looked I simply saw these kinds of ads! It was this which I thought was interesting. If you don’t know Arashi, they are a Japanese group! They are really popular amongst Japan’s youth!  Finally, while you sit down on the trains seats, you can stare at the different ads and at the same time appreciate the variety!

Love, Miss Dezzy x

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