Word of The Day – にゃにゃ!!!

10 Jan

Okay!! Lesson Time!! 勉強の時間!

So, today’s word is “にゃにゃ” “Nyanya” However there is also another reading “にゃんにゃん” “Nyannyan“. So, what does this word mean??? In English it means “Meow” as in a cat’s meow. LOL. You’re probably wondering why I am teaching you the meaning of such a word and it is because of this video……………….LOOOOOL

Now, when I watched this video, I suddenly burst out laughing!!! I was rolling about with laughter! I thought in my head “What…is…this…???” The cat is simply repeating the SAME word again and again and the video doesn’t change….Anyway, I was asked by my friends what “Nyan” means and so I thought I’d tell you all! If you keep listening to this song, I have no doubt that this does become extremely annoying! However, if you keep listening to this song, you will never forget what “Nyannyan” means! LOOOL


Love, Miss Dezzy x

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