Tokyo Jihen 東京事変 – New MV “Konya ha Karasawagi 今夜はから騒ぎ”

4 Jan

この曲は私が好きな曲だよ!歌手の歌声もすごく大好きだし、メロディーも明朗闊だし、そしてジャズの調子に溢れてるよ!実はさ、一度もこのグループを聞いたことはないけど、曲を聞いてはじめて、このグループを知ってきた。所さ、「から騒ぎ」は英語で「Much ado about nothing」


This song is a song which I like very much! I really like the singer’s voice and the melody is upbeat and cheerful! The song is also overflowing with a jazz rhythm! I have never heard of this group before until I heard this song! By the way, “Karasawagi” in English means “Much ado about nothing” LOOL!

So, “Konya ha Karasawagi” means like “This evening I’m making a great deal of fuss over nothing of importance”  When you say it in English it is kinda long right?! LOL 🙂

Love, Miss Dezzy x


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