T-ara Releases New MV “Lovey Dovey” – Sequel To “Cry Cry”

4 Jan

去年に「Cry Cry」っていうビデオが発売されたのを覚えてる?今回は「Lovey Dovey」っていう最新のビデオが発売されたばかりだ!物語みたいのビデオを作るのを選んだから、これらのビデオは話をしてるみたい。だから、このビデオは後日物語だ。曲を聞いてる間、「We Were In Love」っていう曲も聞こえるよ!

Last year, do you remember the video for “Cry Cry” had been released? This time, the latest video for “Lovey Dovey” has just been released! Because they chose to make videos which are like stories, it’s like these videos are telling a story. Therefore, this video is a sequel. While listening to the song, you can also hear the song “We Were In Love”.

Love, Miss Dezzy x

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