SNSD releases maxi single “The Boys”

20 Dec

SNSD have released their maxi single “The Boys” which contains various tracks and remixes! It even features international superstar Snoop Dogg!!格好いいでしょう?(笑) I personally like the remix featuring Suzi the best!! I like it better than the original track and better than the one featuring Snoop lol!!! I love Suzi’s rap!

ごめんね、でも、これが私の個人的意見だけど。。。(笑)Also, I didn’t really like the other songs either…lol just the one with Suzi! lol 実を言えば、残ってる曲があんまり好きじゃないけどさ、Suziを含める曲が好きだけなんだ!残念ながら、これが事実だ!本当の事実じゃないなら、せめて自分の事実だ!(笑笑)

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