Koda Kumi Cancels Nationwide Tour!!! 中止!!!

20 Dec

倖田來未のウェブサイトに戻って、ニュースを読んだ!「Koda Kumi Live Tour 2012 中止のお知らせ」っていうニュースを読んではじめて、今はKoda Kumi Live Tour 2012 が中止されたことが分かった!(泣き顔) 私は英語に翻訳してあげた!これは翻訳だ:

I returned to Koda Kumi‘s website and read the news! It was only after reading the news “Koda Kumi Live Tour 2012 Cancel Notice” that I now understand that the tour has been cancelled!!! I have translated what has been written into English. Here is my translation:

From April 2012, there was plans for Koda Kumi’s Live Tour 2012; however, after discussion and consulting with staff and due to the reason that she feels that she cannot show everyone 100% of her performance and her production, the tour has been cancelled. To everyone that was looking forward to the tour, we are deeply sorry that we have caused you considerable trouble……In relation to the Birthday Anniversary Live 2012 which is going to be held in Autumn, as soon as the details are decided, we are going to inform everybody….



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