Koda Kumi Is Getting Married! & She Confirms Pregnancy!!! すげ~!

16 Dec







“I wanted to tell my fans first, but after consulting with my doctor I was told not to announce anything yet because I wasn’t in my stable period of pregnancy, therefore I didn’t announce anything to you all.  After the reports came out, it made a lot of people confused. This wasn’t my intention, and so I decided to make this announcement earlier than scheduled. At this time, I have been blessed with a new life! It is with this new life that everyday I pray that we can live enjoyably as a family, the three of us. From now, I wish that everyone will watch over us warmly. In relation to the tour, I am now speaking with my staff because of my body. I think I can make an announcement early next week so if everyone can wait just a little bit longer, I will be happy.

Koda Kumi 倖田來未

As I said, If you go to Koda Kumi‘s official website, you can read this news feed! However, it’s written entirely in Japanese! However, I have translated for you—-!!! 🙂


Congratulations on the pregnancy Koda Kumi!! 🙂


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