Soul Company – New Album “THE BEST”

24 Nov

Soul Company, have just released their latest album “The Best” which is a compilation of lots of different songs by a lot of Korea’s heavyweight hip hop/RnB artists such as Crucial Star, The Quiett, Loptomist, Eluphant, Zion.T and others! One of the songs which I particularly like is called “Be My Luv” by The Quiett. This has been taken from his own album “Quiett Storm: A Night Record” This song is full of flavour and he sings smoothly…like butter! lol あのさ、この曲を聞くと、なんか、アメリカのRNBを思いだす!この曲は味のことで調子はいっぱい!(笑)その上、滑らかに歌ってる。。。バターみたい~!(笑)I also love the song “She’s There” feat. Zion.T and Beenzino! I love Zion.T!!!!!!!!!! loool


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