Crucial Star – “Like It Like That”

14 Nov


「Crucial Star」っていう人は韓国人のヒップホップのラッパーだよ!私の上では、彼は絶えずいい音楽を作ってる!「A Star From The Basement」っていうアルバムは最新のアルバムだけど、「Like It Like That」っていう曲を聞いた事はないよ!一度も!しかも、アルバムで見つけられない!この曲が偶々見つかった!好きだよ!この曲を聞くたびに、星になるような気がしてる!笑!Crucial Star, 一緒星になろうぜ!笑!自分の宇宙に輝く事ができるよ!輝かせる!!!笑 笑 笑

Crucial Star is a Hip Hop rapper from South Korea and as far as I’m concerned, he always makes good music! His latest album is called “A Star From The Basement”, but this song here “Like It Like That” is a song which I haven’t heard before and It’s not featured on the album! I found this song by chance and really like it! Everytime I listen to this song I feel like I’m becoming a star! LOL! Crucial Star, Let’s become stars together!! You can shine in my universe! I’ll let you shine!! LOOL!!

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