Jamosa & Kevin & Eli (U-KISS) – PV Preview “Together”

3 Nov

Do you remember my last post about Jamosa? I said that she was going to be releasing a new single in which she collaborates with popular Korean group “U-Kiss” right? Well here is a PV preview of the new single “Together” and here there is also a short commentary!


If you don’t understand what Jamosa and Kevin & Eli are saying, not to worry!

I have interpreted for you!!!

Jamosa: “They are pretty cool! I think they are always doing their best and putting in great efforts! Even if they’re REALLY sweating on stage, it’s the place where they finish up good songs for me and I’m thinking, [for the benefit of good music, they are really doing their best!] I think Kevin as well as Eli! Afterwards, like, I feel these two are like my younger brothers!

Kevin: “ooo Amazing!!

Eli: “It’s English”

Kevin: “English?”

Eli: “Please listen a lot! (I assume he means to the song! lol)

Kevin: “Yes! Thank you very much!”

Kevin & Eli: “Thank you very much!

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