2nd Zipangu Fest 18th-24th November 2011

31 Oct


There is an upcoming festival of Japanese films in London – called Zipangu Fest – taking place at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) and Cafe Oto from 18th-24th November! So be sure to check it out!

There will be a selection of Japanese films shown at these two different venues. For example, “Beyond Anime: The Outer Limits” – which will be shown on November 19th and November 23rd at the ICA – and “Shirome” – which you can watch on November 18th at theICA. You can book tickets through the ICA website! (They are about £8 or £10).

Hyun Bin 현빈

Hyun Bin 현빈

There are also various other Japanese and Korean films being shown at the ICA! For example, the Korean movie “Late Autumn” starring popular and well-known not to mention handsome Korean actor “Hyun Bin 현빈”. After reading the synopsis, this film sounds really interesting!


Check it out! 面白いそうでしょうね!

Zipangufest (In English)

ICA (In English)

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