No Time Gum! 噛みがきガム

25 Oct

このガムはなんか、普通のガムではないよ! 食事の後で、このガムを噛むと歯が綺麗になるということなんだ。。。このガムは歯ブラシみたいだから、食べるだけで歯を磨くみたいだ!私はね、一度もこんなガムを食べたことはないけどさ、面白いそうだよね!でもね、歯ブラシを使ったほうがましだと思うわ!しかし、もしこのガムを噛んだら、たくさんの金を貯めるかもね!笑!

This chewing gum is not a normal chewing gum! After a meal, it is generally said that you chew this gum and your teeth become clean. Because it’s like a toothbrush, just by eating it it’s like you’re brushing your teeth! I personally have never eaten this  kind of gum before but it sounds interesting! I still think that it is better to use a toothbrush though! However if you do chew this gum, then you’re probably going to save a lot of money! lol

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