Misato みさと~~!

17 Oct

Tori Soba 鳥蕎麦 Copyright © 2011 Japaneze Jusu

I really felt like eating Japanese food the other day so I decided to go to the usual Japanese restaurant I always go to called “Misato” lol This place is soooo fantastic! I swear it is! Here you can eat different rice and noodle dishes as well as ordering popular Japanese drinks like “Calpis”. In addition, the food portions are large so you will never feel hungry! If you do become hungry, then maybe you aren’t human….LOL joke! Also the prices are cheeeeap! Cheap I tell you! Haha! On that day, I pigged out on the “Tori Soba”. The broth was delicious! It wasn’t too salty. It was like a party in my mouth! lol The chicken pieces were well cooked and the dish itself was full of flavour! I think the flavour was speaking to me….LOL. Anyway anyway, it reminded me of the ramen I ate in Ikebukuro! Memories–! lol

Calpis カルピス Copyright © 2011 Japaneze Jusu

Miso Ramen (Ikebukuro) 味噌ラーメン(池袋) Copyright © 2011 Japaneze Jusu











この間、日本料理を食べるように気がしたか ら、「みさと」っていう例の日本料理店に行くのを決めた!この所がとーーーっても素晴らしいよ!誓う!この所でいろいろ食べられるよ!ご飯とか、蕎麦と か、うどんとか。。。いろいろ食べられる!そしてね、「カルピス」っていう人気の飲み物も飲めるよ。食べ物の量が大きいんだから、決してお腹が空くことに ならないわ!でもね、もしお腹が空くことになったら、あなたが人間じゃないかも。。。笑!冗談!ああそれと、値段も安い。。。やすーーーいよ!あの日は鳥 蕎麦をがんがん食べた!汁は美味しかったし、しょっぱすぎなかったし。。。なんか、口の中でパーティをしてたみたい!鶏肉も完璧に炒めた!味のことで ラーメンいっぱい!味が私に話しかけたと思うけど。。。笑!兎に角兎に角、池袋で私が食べたラーメンを思いだす!懐かしいなあ~~~!!!

Misato Address : 11 Wardour Street, London Chinatown, London, W1D 6PG

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