24th Japan Best Dressed Eyes Awards

12 Oct


The 24th Japan Best Dressed Eyes Awards – October 11th – is a ceremony in which different celebrities including actors and actresses recieved awards for their wonderful eyewear fashion sense. AKB48 recieved the special award as celebrities who the industry encourages to wear eyewear. Eight members fromthe group were chosen to recieve the award on behalf of their group.

素晴らしいアイウェアのフアションを祝うために、24th Japan Best Dressed Eyes Awardsで多くの有名人は賞を授与された。業界はAKB48がアイウェアを掛けることを勧めるから、特別な賞を受け入れた。グループのため、グループの中で8人のメンバーが選ばれてて、賞を受け入れた。

Anna Tsuchiya 土屋 アンナ

Other winners included Anna Tsuchiya; who is also a Japanese singer. She recieved an award for the “Sunglasses category”.


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    I just want to leave you an quick post to thank you for your blog! Keep up the good work! Much Thanks!

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      Thank you very much! I will keep up the good work!!

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